Community-Based Services
House calls are not just a thing of the past.

For the millions suffering from mental illness and behavioral disorders, getting help from a qualified professional is just not practical. Whether it be transportation issues or the practical distractions of daily life, coming to an office is just not reasonable. More importantly, many of the problems impacting our clients are best addressed in the environments where those problems arise.

If an individual needs mental health skill building in order to remain independent, then isn't it best to teach those skills in the community where he or she can practice them?

If a child or family is experiencing significant issues in the home or school, then isn't it best to work with them in their homes and schools so that our counselors can see the problems unfold and work toward a solution right then and there? Just like driving a car, you can learn how the car works by taking a class, but it is the time you spend on the road with an instructor that teaches you to drive. So it often is with treatment, and NCG provides numerous home- and community-based services to fit the needs of different individuals.

Our current programs include: StartPoint, Home-Based Services, Therapeutic Day Treatment, Life Skills Service, Adult Support Services, Parent Partnership Services.

Our Partners

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