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Keeping you home, where you need to be.

A mental health crisis can happen to anyone with mental illness, at any time. Dealing with these crises effectively and quickly can mean the difference between remaining safe and comfortable in your home, and ending up in a hospital while your life goes unmanaged.

Mobile Crisis Stabilization services provide help where you need it most…your home, your school, and your community.

House calls are not just a thing of the past.

For the millions suffering from mental illness and behavioral disorders, getting help from a qualified professional is just not practical. Whether it be transportation issues or the practical distractions of daily life, coming to an office is just not reasonable. More importantly, many of the problems impacting our clients are best addressed in the environments where those problems arise.

If an individual needs mental health skill building in order to remain independent, then isn't it best to teach those skills in the community where he or she can practice them?

Home is a child's first and most important classroom.

Healing an emotionally disturbed child within a home and family environment is the greatest service we can provide as professionals. Many foster children, however, need specially trained families to help them address the trauma of their past experiences. Ensuring that our children succeed in these homes is our passion and can only be done by working together!

Supporting each other while we support our kids promotes commitment, renewed energy, creativity, and group wisdom. ncgCARE ensures that foster children have the best chance of success in their path to permanency by utilizing a team approach in which dedicated parents, caring professionals, and treatment tools come together in supportive collaboration.

Since 1993, ncgCARE has become synonymous with excellence in client-centered treatment. For our work in treating mental health and substance abuse issues, we have received commendations from clients, professionals, human service agencies, and dignitaries.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, in a tranquil environment and with the help of experienced and compassionate counselors.

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